Hold that thought.  In order to fully answer the question I have to ask myself why I 
choose to use a "below the radar" system in the first place. I'ts said that nothings 
truly *Free* as in product advertising everything has its cost.  When we look at the 
*cost* compared to other systems Zope/Python wins hands down in all the *right* areas. 
 Its just plain abuse of money and power that keeps Zope/Python where it is. Does'nt 
matter if it's coming from this camp or another something must be done soon. It boils 
down to this.
  Back in the old days if you had something faster, quicker, and better you cleary 
would be the winner.  Too many people were worried about their evestments so of course 
they stuck with the *hot* tickets.  But it would be too expensise to go head to head 
with the big boys no I think that true interprise is going to be in turmoil.  For 
Instance now that things like MCSE, and CISCO are now part of public college 
institutions that means what?  The climate is such that if its not Microsoft or Sun 
forget it.  I'm not knocking either company I support them 100%.  But here's my 
  I'm taking a course at a local college and I sit next to a guy that says he only 
needs to get his MCSE and he will be gainfully employed.  I asked him if he felt the 
need to learn any programming languages and he said no. I doubt very much that this 
person would ever be inclined to select anything Zope/Python. The big companies spent 
their money well. Do like they do.DC needs to create Zope Certificatied 
Desginer/Technicans and shops.  Make it commercial *looking* as *freely* possible.
  Ok back to whats wrong with it. Secure E-commerce Support out the box is one thing. 
I think we need to hear more of zope coming from out of the major players mouth as a 
major player.
  Or is it?  There are quite a few choices out there, but what really makes 
Zope/Python the clear winner.  They already have most of the commercial qualities 
needed to be the best of the best. 
We have to make them see the value. like Red Hat Distros, Certifications, and  plug 
and play software.  Things like Talk shows would be nice.

Hey I got dibs on the Zope Certification/Testing center track/fishbowl/proposal thing 
if one doesnt already exist?  and it's possible for a 3rd party to do such a thing.

The thing that I can't understand is that in my state the government workers 
threatened to strike, and dot-coms failed because of money problems. They also have 
millions tied up in building a technology center. My thing is that Things like 
Zope/Python should be taught/used right along side the others in the schools.  DC 
should be sending free to schools an easy to install package that allows them to have 
some limited *commercial* looking front-end. If they can actually see and feel and 
*burn* copies of an actuall cool looking product CD with all the products on the CD.

I need some sleep,


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