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> Apparently _some_ of this is possible.  A couple of weeks ago, I was
> facing a similar situation, and found a site on the web that would do
> validation of email addresses by (IIRC) sending a mailto header to the
> mail domain and looking at the response.  It did not work for all
> domains, notably hotmail and yahoo would not tell whether the address
> was OK or not.  But a few smaller isps would work. Unfortunately, I
> cannot find that site now.

Yes, you can look up the domain, find the mailhandler, open a connection, do
a MAIL FROM and a  RCPT TO to the address in question. If that goes OK, the
mail shouldn't bounce.
There is a dns module at , and then it
should not be too hard to make something that verifies e-mail addresses.
That might be rather handy... But I won't need one for a couple of months so
I'm not doing it. :-)

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