> Apparently _some_ of this is possible.  A couple of weeks ago, I was
> facing a similar situation, and found a site on the web that would do
> validation of email addresses by (IIRC) sending a mailto header to the
> mail domain and looking at the response.  It did not work for all
> domains, notably hotmail and yahoo would not tell whether the address
> was OK or not.  But a few smaller isps would work. Unfortunately, I
> cannot find that site now.
> But this morning, I found something that might be better if you can
> translate asp -> python. http://coveryourasp.com/ValidateEmail.asp

Yes, this is real close to what I need to do in Zope.  Thanks.
I use Formulator for the email syntax validation from a form.  But emails
are universal, it would be nice to have built-in validation.

My python is very weak but,
It would be interesting to see something like this in Zope...from
To see how easy it is to check syntax, domain, and username, take a look at
these two lines of VBScript code:
Set oVE = Server.CreateObject("HexValidEmail.Connection")
If 0 = oVE.Validate("[EMAIL PROTECTED]",3) Then 'it's bad


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