Gary Poster wrote:

> * I need the ability to store arbitrary properties for each virtual host.
> In particular, the correlary of my current work is to provide a
> CMFVirtualHost tool that stores a sub-portal title, sub-portal skin
> information, and other items.

hmm.. I can see why you might want to do this. it's not clear to me that 
this is where it should be done. I'd submit that a "SiteMonster" like 
thing would be more appropriate, as skinnish things, imho, probably want 
to live where an appropriately delegated manager can get at them (the 
target folder, not the root folder/control panel)

> * I need the ability to have multiple domains point to the same folder,
> while ideally maintaining the arbitrary properties

The current/enhanced VHM has this ability

> * while I'm at it, some regex capability seemed like a reasonable addition.
> I hope to come up with a clean UI way of doing regex substitutions (\1 etc.)
> as well: tries to go to
> /myCMF/members/anythingNotWww, for instance.

Well ... right now we just have subdomain globbing, so if you had two rules:

* /myCMF/members/anythingNotWww /myCMF/

you would get the behaviour you describe.  I'm a bit leery of adding 
regexing as if you want complex behaviour, AccessRules already cover you.

> * also while I'm at it, it seems that making the management of the virtual
> hosts a little more zope-like would be nice.  Here's where my inexperience
> may be become particularly obvious, but... I'm making this a
> VirtualHostFolder, similar to a acl_users folder except ordered (so you can
> tweak the order that the hosts are checked for a match).   The VirtualHost
> objects it contains are not to be actual products but objects the way that
> defines users.  The VirtualHostFolder is not an actual
> ObjectManager but just emulates one a bit a la an acl_users folder.

Makes sense, especially if you want to extend their behavior as you 
mention above... I'm more of the assumtion that target folders will know 
their special behaviour, but I'm open on that one.

> Well, there's some thoughts.  Like I implied, it's probably best to ignore
> my vaporware announcement; if I come up with anything not embarrassing I'll
> post it somewhere or other soon.

Thanks- let me know what you come up with.

> imeme is cool btw.


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