> One thing that might be nice - and something I was planning on working on
> relatively soon was a rewrite rule wizard to extend VHM to auto-write
> rewrite rules for use with a front-end Apache/Squid; this would support
> mod_rewrite and Pyredir (a python-based Squid redirector).  The idea would
> be that the rules could be copied by a site admin from their browser viewing
> a VHM management page and pasted into Apache's httpd.conf or a Squid
> redirector's conf file.

I actually want to see this happen as well!  I was thinking I would ask 
for an existing path to a configuration file, read that, and dump a diff 
in the Zope dir, but your approach works too.

> In the long run, if a "registry" of virtual host monsters is in the control
> panel,

Out of curiosity, why do you want multiple VHM's?

> and could be queried via XML-RPC, it seems an Apache module or Squid
> redirector could be built or modified to make those servers use that data
> automatically! 

This sounds really cool.  With both cases, I think one issue is how many 
configuration possibilities there are. For example, with iMeme, our 
apache says:

<VirtualHost *>
RewriteRule ^/(.*){HTTP_HOST}:80/
$1 [L,P]

Which works for all the port 80 virtualhosting you want to do, so the 
rest can stay in zope. Now, if you have specific, per-site apache 
configuration needs past that point, you have to be smarter.

This is why i was thinking sniff the original config/supply a diff so 
that you could do something intelligent- i.e. put the right rewrite 
rules in the right VirtualHost directives - but I imagine there's limits 
to how flexibly you could do things.
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