> Any ideas what the performance would be compared to medusa?

Nope. However, it is pretty fast, and Zope is slow anyway, since it's so 

>>4) Good integration with threads - while event based, twisted has a very
>>nice model for dealing with threaded apps.
> What benefits would this really give? What drawbacks would we have to deal
> with? Overall I have noticed that python does not seem to actually thread
> very well since there is that global lock.

I'm not sure how ZServer does it, but mixing asyncore and threaded apps 
isn't fun, to say the least.

> This part sounds pretty cool I will definitely have to look at it some
> more. I looked at it a little while ago and it looked very cool however
> zope has some serious things that twisted does not. Mainly I really like
> how the access control system works, the user folder system and the object
> store.

Which is why I said we should stay with Zope's current stuff and not build 
on twisted's own high level web package, just it's low-level HTTP support.

> We could essentially keep the ZMI however I do think the ZMI is due for a
> large rewrite soon.

I'm not saying anything about the ZMI - if done correctly people would never 
know medusa was replaced, since this is a very low-level part of Zope.

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