Chris McDonough writes:

>I wanted to torture test the Zope
>session manager under the cygwin-built Zope using ab, which is good
>real-world threading test.  It appears that neither ab nor wget much like
>something about their communication with the cygwin-built Zope.  Here's a
>wget session with a cygwin-built python/Zope combo:
>--22:14:42--  http://localhost/
>           => `index.html'
>Connecting to localhost:80... connected!
>HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
>2 Server: Zope/(unreleased version, python 2.1.1, cygwin) ZServer/1.1b1
>3 Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 02:14:42 GMT
>4 Connection: close
>5 Content-Type: text/html
>6 Content-Length: 3012
>    0K -> .. (freeze)

It appears as if this now works wit a locally compiled Cygwin DLL
  Cygwin CVS files < 2001-10-31 > 

wget now returns and I can now access the 'raw' Zope store 
with my editor via ftp :-))

Not really sure which patch, within the last 2 days, it was but ..



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