Since I get paid to do Zope and I feel extremely fortunate to be in that 
position, I will say that there are different types of community involvement 
that I divide my time across:

1) Activism (like this)
2) Help (Like on [EMAIL PROTECTED] or zopelabs or whatever)
3) Working on my own open source Zope products
4) Submitting/fixing bugs in the Zope core.

Now, I consider positive contributions either to the zope core or to 
be in addition to the above. So that I would have 10 hours per week just to 
spend on that is highly unlikely, but sometimes possible if other things 
above don't take much time, or I don't prioritize them.

I could potentially drop #2 altogether (its sporatic anyway), but it makes me 
feel good and I remember what it was like before I understood what was going 
on (as if I do now).

That said I think maybe what we need are some "community liasons" that devote 
the majority of their time for right now building an infrastructure for the 
community and helping others contribute in some way. 

I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I might be willing to do that. 
However, I think my contributions in other ways would need to take a back 
seat, so I'd need to think about it, or be convinced. 8^)

  Casey Duncan, Sr. Web Developer
  National Legal Aid and Defender Association

On Friday 30 November 2001 01:14 pm, Paul Everitt allegedly wrote:
> I agree that we have to lower the bar.  What Seb and I were discussing
> is a commitment from a small group of people to help accomplish lowering
> the bar.  Once it's lowered, then hopefully the rate and impact of
> casual contributions will greatly increase.
> --Paul
> Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> > On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 05:57:17PM +0000, seb bacon wrote:
> >>What we need, as Paul suggested about zope-web, is a set of community
> >>members who are able and willing to contribute 10 hours per week.  I
> >>think there are very few such people.  I would love to, but I simply
> >
> > I'd think the number of such people is zero, except for people who use
> > Zope in their work and can justify time spent developing on Zope
> > itself as being work-related.  It can't be assumed that people have
> > much time to spend on a free software project; instead you have to
> > lower the bar, and make it easier for hit-and-run contributors.  If it
> > takes days or worse, weeks and months, to get a contribution accepted,
> > people just won't bother.
> >
> > Re: bug tracking.  If Bugzilla is too much of a bear to deal with,
> > there are simpler alternatives available, such as Roundup, Jitterbug,
> > the SF bug tracker, and our unreleased SPLAT!.
> >
> > --amk

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