Chris Withers wrote:
> "Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> > 
> > I personally would like to see ZPT support plain text at some point, and it
> > already has some of the things necessary to do it.  But that's a separate
> > issue from Zope 3X or Zope 3 itself.
> It already can:
> <dummy tal:omit-tag=""
>        tal:content="mymethod">
> Some dummy text
> </dummy>
> Or even:
> <dummy tal:replace="mymethod">
> Some dummy text
> </dummy>
> It's more long winded that DTML in this case, but there's no need for another
> markup language... 

How would you do repeating texts or conditional texts like this? I mean,
perhaps it's obvious; I haven't played enough with ZPT yet.

I also think this looks rather unnatural when doing email templates or SQL
templates. A completely stripped down magic-less variety of something DTMLish
with support for tales expressions might be worth exploring for these
purposes. Another possibility is to design teeny dedicated systems that
are magic rich but extremely limited (and then strongly resist any 
extending it).

Something is needed for ZSQL at least in my opinion.

In XPath Methods I simply used the way XPath deals with variables ($foo)
to parameterize them. Perhaps there are some semi-standard conventions for
SQL that we could use?



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