Note that untarring the attached "products" into your 2.4 Products 
directory should allow you to start 2.4 up with the Data.fs from your 
foray into 2.5 without needing to truncate anything.  At that point you 
should be able to delete the session_data_manager, temp_folder, and 
browser_id_manager objects and restart without the faux products.

Andrew Sydelko wrote:

> Chris McDonough wrote:
>>Darn.  At this point you can try just hacking off bits of file at the 
>>end of a *copy* of the Data.fs you have by using the trunctate method 
>>described in Itamar's howto.  Start small and just cut off pieces at the 
>>end of the file until you're able to start Zope again.  You might lose 
>>some data this way but at least it will start.  After you get it to 
>>start, and you've lost data, you can also use (painfully slow) binary 
>>search to pinpoint where exactly you need to truncate on further copies.
>>I am working on preventing this on the 2.5 branch now.
>>It's ironic that I got on Jeremy's case for something like this not too 
>>long ago. ;-)  Mea culpa.
> Well, the plan for the night will be to bring the Data.fs up with 2.5.0b3
> and export a critical part of the database. This part will be brought up
> on a separate 2.4.3 server. Then we will try to fix the problems we've
> been having with 2.5.0b3...
> Any quick pointers on where I can find info on exporting part of the
> database from the command line? Either thru a ZEO client (import Zope)
> or some other method...
> --andy.

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