Whoops, that wasn't quite enough.  Also do this:

Create the following Python file as "unscrew.py" in your 2_4/lib/python 
directory and run it.

import Zope
app = Zope.app()
del app.__before_publishing_traverse__

Note that if you've got access rules or site roots in your root dir, 
this will blow those away and you'll need to recreate them.

Chris McDonough wrote:

> Note that untarring the attached "products" into your 2.4 Products 
> directory should allow you to start 2.4 up with the Data.fs from your 
> foray into 2.5 without needing to truncate anything.  At that point you 
> should be able to delete the session_data_manager, temp_folder, and 
> browser_id_manager objects and restart without the faux products.
> Andrew Sydelko wrote:
>> Chris McDonough wrote:
>>> Darn.  At this point you can try just hacking off bits of file at the 
>>> end of a *copy* of the Data.fs you have by using the trunctate method 
>>> described in Itamar's howto.  Start small and just cut off pieces at 
>>> the end of the file until you're able to start Zope again.  You might 
>>> lose some data this way but at least it will start.  After you get it 
>>> to start, and you've lost data, you can also use (painfully slow) 
>>> binary search to pinpoint where exactly you need to truncate on 
>>> further copies.
>>> I am working on preventing this on the 2.5 branch now.
>>> It's ironic that I got on Jeremy's case for something like this not 
>>> too long ago. ;-)  Mea culpa.
>> Well, the plan for the night will be to bring the Data.fs up with 2.5.0b3
>> and export a critical part of the database. This part will be brought up
>> on a separate 2.4.3 server. Then we will try to fix the problems we've
>> been having with 2.5.0b3...
>> Any quick pointers on where I can find info on exporting part of the
>> database from the command line? Either thru a ZEO client (import Zope)
>> or some other method...
>> --andy.

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