same for me, no more crashes - but zope needs very much memory (logo :-(()

I will try know python 2.1.2.

Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
Hi folks,

I also tried the CVS ExtensionClass.h but it didn't help. We kept
getting the SIG11's.

However, after reading all comments on this problem report on
pointed out in this list by Joseph Wayne Norton, and the diff -u between
the CVS ExtensionClass.h and the one that came with zope 2.4.3, I
decided to try recompiling python --without-cycle-gc (in addidtion to
--without-pymalloc, which we used before causing an increase in time
between restarts from 15 min to 40 min).

Now our zope is running for "17 hours 29 min 40 sec" (pasted from the
Control_Panel) without a single SIG11, YAY!!!

I strongly recommend anyone running into these "Aiieee! 54321 exited
with er ror code: 11 " to recompile their pythons --without-cycle-gc" to
see if the SIGSEGVs go away. Maybe even for Stefano Noferi's script?

Throw in a --without-pymalloc for good measure :-)

Now our zope is probably slowly leaking some cycles, but what the heck,
I can live with restarting zope once per week. With ZEO it comes back in
2 seconds anyway :-)

Cheers, Leo

PS: No, I have no intention to check if --with-pymalloc
--without-cycle-gc also works :-)

On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 19:57, Matthew T. Kromer wrote:
OK, I am formulating a hypothesis that if you replace ExtensionClass.h 
in Zope 2.4 and Zope 2.5 with the following one:

(Which goes in lib/Components/ExtensionClass/src/ExtensionClass.h btw)

and rebuild zope .... python2.1

and rebuld any other modules you may have which depend on extension class

that some of the segfaults could go away.


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