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> Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
> > Also, what about the --pymalloc? Is the binary Zope Python going to be
> > compiled with it? should I still fear it?
> Dunno.  Was it compiled in before?  Isn't this an issue that is solved
> in a roundabout way by not having stack pointer computation bugs in the
> first place?  I'm not sure how all of these bugs interact with each other.
> > We almost lost a big client and almost got a lawsuit because we were
> > bitten by both (or would that be three: RestrictedCompiler, ceval and
> > --pymalloc?) bugs at the same time and took a long time to figure out
> > how to work around them.
> Sorry to hear that.

Is there a way to perform some tests or is there a testsuite that can be
used to stress test these issues? I too got bitten by these bugs + assorted
thread related errors, which has cost us very dearly in our project in terms
of both time, additional costs and unexpected hardware investments due to
change of deployment platform, so I *really* would like to have some way of
being able to confirm if these bugs are dealt with or no. I am not sure
there are any consistent tests for this, though, so hints on what to look
out for are equally appreciated.



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