Dieter Maurer wrote:

> Zope 2.4.3 will not work with Python 2.1.2.

This is not literally true.  Zope 2.4.3 will work fine with Python 
2.1.2.  However, Python 2.1.2 doesn't ignore stacksize computation 
problems like Python 2.1.1.  Instead of silently corrutping memory and 
continuing like 2.1.1, Python 2.1.2 will stop with an assertion error. 
This means that Zope 2.4.3 won't really run under 2.1.2 for very long if 
you've got a codepath that tickles a "compiler package" bug, but at 
least it won't fail mysteriously with odd symptoms.  Zope 2.4.3 will run 
for *longer* under Python 2.1.1, but it will fail with other more 
mysterious symptoms.

Hopefully, this will clear some of the confusion up.

For maximum stability if you're running some 2.4.X-series Zope under 
Python 2.1.X:

- Upgrade your Zope to 2.4.4 (wait for final if you don't like the
   current "beta" status of 2.4.4)

- Upgrade your Python to 2.1.2

Do these two steps *at the same time*.  You should have increased 
stability and availability after that.

- C

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