Andrew Kenneth Milton  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If someone gives me a sane reason why this isn't correct and that calling
> self = self.this() in every product constructor is actually the correct 
> behaviour I'll put it in (as opposed to catering for lazy ZClass 
> programmers d8) Not that this seems to be in very many constructors for
> Zope stuff or other products I have installed.
> Since it seems this is going to occur repeatedly, having spent 10 seconds
> looking at it, it seems that the 'correct' way is to call
> self.Destination()._setObject()
> so in essence self.Destination().__allow_groups__ will also get what we
> want. 
> This is actually documented (although it's not clear what versions of Zope
> this will work with, or whether this will do the same thing as 
> self._setObject(), it's late, I've had no sleep, I'll look later, or someone
> who actually knows can fill in the blanks for us, but, I think it's 2.4 only)

Yes, here is the idiom I now use everywhere, according to what I read
in the code and documentation:

def addFoo(dispatcher, id, REQUEST=None, **kw):
    """ Adds a Foo. """
    ob = Foo(id)
    container = dispatcher.Destination()
    container._setObject(id, ob)
    if REQUEST is not None:
        dispatcher.manage_main(dispatcher, REQUEST)

In any case calling the first argument "self" is really overloading
the meaning of the word, as we are nowhere near a method here.


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