seb bacon wrote:
>  Pros - a tiny performance gain
>  Cons - unpredictable interaction with future products; 

I'd rephrase that as a pro:

Ability to work with products of the future, without the need to understand their inner

> not a well-known
> method of distributing products; 

Urm... that I gotta disagree with...
Tehre are now many such products for Zope...

> not easily discoverable

What do you mean by discoverable?

> But perhaps my 'cons' are misplaced?  Mostly, I'm uneasy that someone
> looking at ZPublisher code would have no way of knowing that
> CallProfiler hooks into it if it were monkeypatched.

Yeah they would, 'cos CallProfiler will be well documented beforeit hits a release and
will onyl come into play if explicity enabled. And if you explicitly enable it, you 
read the documentation first...



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