On Friday, 8. March 2002 09:50, Bjorn Stabell wrote:
> I'm trying to use Zope without storing everything in ZODB while still
> having the perception of an object-oriented database.  I want to control
> the object-to-relational mapping layer, but would like the loading and
> saving of objects to be automatic.  Is there some way to do that using
> Zope?

> Where would I, e.g., hook into to get automatic loading/cacheing/saving
> of objects that weren't stored in ZODB, and where I could actually
> create the methods to load/save objects myself (I want to control the
> data structure).

Sounds like changing the (default) backend of the ZODB. That way you use Zope 
with the ZODB but your objects are stored in a RDBMS too.

ZODB comes with several backends (a.k.a Storages), the default FileStorage, 
DemoStorage, OracleStorage. The latter doing already object relational 
mapping to Oracle RDBMS.

If you want to control the mapping, just define your own Storage (I do not 
know how hard it is, maybe the 'gurus' do?) and then tweak your Zope instance 
to use your custom Storage instead of the default FileStorage.
That way you do not have to care about automatic loading/saving of your 


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