Thomas Förster wrote:

>On Friday, 8. March 2002 09:50, Bjorn Stabell wrote:
>>I'm trying to use Zope without storing everything in ZODB while still
>>having the perception of an object-oriented database.  I want to control
>>the object-to-relational mapping layer, but would like the loading and
>>saving of objects to be automatic.  Is there some way to do that using
>>Where would I, e.g., hook into to get automatic loading/cacheing/saving
>>of objects that weren't stored in ZODB, and where I could actually
>>create the methods to load/save objects myself (I want to control the
>>data structure).
>If you want to control the mapping, just define your own Storage (I do not 
>know how hard it is, maybe the 'gurus' do?) and then tweak your Zope instance 
>to use your custom Storage instead of the default FileStorage.
>That way you do not have to care about automatic loading/saving of your 
One suggestion more: not use instead of FileStorage but in addition to 
main storage. You can see how external storages are mounted into ZODB as 
subtrees at ([EMAIL PROTECTED] are mounted just 
in that way).
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