>>Hi all,
 >>i have a little problem with my production server.
 >>The memory usage of the zope processes running on this server are
 >>growing up
 >>100K a day upto 1MB a day.
 >>How can i track down the problem.

Chris McDonough wrote:
> Finding memory leaks is an exercise in "binary search".  Isolate half of the
> Zope (and Product) code and find out if it leaks.  If it doesn't, you know
> the problem is in the other half. ;-)  Ad infinitum.  I'm sorry this is the
> case, but it almost always boils down to this particular recipe of
> diagnostics.

A question and one remark.
Wouldn't staring at the refcounts in the debug panel also give some 
info? At least for selfmade products?

Something like:

Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper: 42442
OFS.DTMLMethod.DTMLMethod: 3989
ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.HTTPRequest: 3941
ZServer.HTTPResponse.ZServerHTTPResponse: 3934
ZPublisher.BaseRequest.RequestContainer: 3931
AccessControl.DTML.TemplateDict: 3930

doesn't surely look too good, heh? ;-)
Yes this is from a production server, which now get's restarted as it 
occupies 130MB (up from 15MB in 10 days).

The remark, Andre, Chris has written a very nice product, called 
AutoLance which helps by monitoring zope's memory usage and restarting 
if a configurable threshold is reached.


We use it on a production server.


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