Toby Dickenson schrieb:
> On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 13:50:13 +0100, Andre Schubert
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >After a restart my zope-processes are around 12MB.
> Sounds about right.
> >Then i start my script and before i receive any result all processes are
> >grown up to 26MB.
> Thats not unreasonable for the working set of zope. I have no reason
> to suspect a leak.
> Im not sure what operating system you are using. If its linux then

RedHat Immunix 6.2

> maybe you are misinterpreting the output of ps or top: The 26M is
> listed next to each process, but its the *same* 26M in each row of the
> table. In other words, your system is using 26M total for zope, not
> 26*5 (assuming you have 5 processes).
> If Zope grows by 12M for each request then thats a different scenario.
> 12M growth on the *first* request is quite normal.

Yes, i believe, but every time i run that script the memory usage of
zope( all processes ) grows up.
If the script was ended and zope grows up about 1MB would i think that
each request for the ZSQL Methods grows up zope
about 250K and 250K * 4 = 1MB.
My problem is that every time after running the script zope grows up.
Sometimes zope grows up about 1 or 2MB and sometimes only 100K, but zope
is growing up every time a run my test-script.

On our production server the last time zope grows up to 100MB in 6
hours, and maybe thats not so good.

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