Andre Schubert schrieb:

If have changed the that it skips the ZSQLMethod and sends the query
used in the ZSQLMethod direct
to the manage_test function from the ZPsycopgDA with the result that
zope grows up
after running the script.
If it is possible that the mem-leak is somewhere in the DA, then i post
this message to the psycopg mailinglist.


> Hi all,
> I have isolated the memory leak problem on a naked 2.3.3 Zope.
> I have on ZPsycopgDA and two SQL Methods, one SQL Method contains
> DTML-IFs and DTML-ELSEs and REQUEST.sets
> the other SQL Method contains the rendered query of the first, this
> means there is pure sql in it.
> Both methods cache there results 60 secs.
> Zope runs with 4 threads.
> I wrote a test-script wich opens 4 threads and each thread call the
> second SQL Methods "manage_test" via wget.
> After a restart my zope-processes are around 12MB.
> Then i start my script and before i receive any result all processes are
> grown up to 26MB.
> Even if after i start my script nothing happens, but before i receive
> the result the processes grow up,
> maybe i think this is the time where zope gets the results from the
> database and
> "puts" it into the Results-Class( i am right at this point ?).
> But is the problem in the ZSQLMethod( where the results were cached ) or
> the ZPsycopgDA ??
> Regards,
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