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> > 2. The default level for stupid_log_file should be to print INFO and
> > higher messages. Today the default is only to print PROBLEM and higher.
> No, the default is to log INFO (0) messages and higher.

Ah, OK. Yes, you are probably correct. The default when *not* using stupid
log file is to not print INFO messages, however, which is what I wanted to

> > 1. There need to be a possibility to set the error severity just like
> > with stupid_log_file, even for printouts to stdoutput. Maybe the
> > stupid_log_file could be made to be the standard way of logging, and it
> > could log to stdout if no stupid_log_file was set?

No, it doesn't. STUPID_LOG_SEVERITY only affects STUPID_LOG_FILE.
However, I wasn't aware that you could set stupid_log_file to stdout, thanks
for that info:

> Here's a way to start Zope that outputs the stupid log file to stdout:
> ./start -D STUPID_LOG_FILE=

Since this is possible, I suggest that todays default output of messages get
scrapped, and replaced by stupid_log_file, using stdoutput as default. This
basically solves the problem.

As an added neatness, I think some of the messages that today print out as
INFO really should be set to BLATHER. :-)
I just don't think this is particularily important information:
2002-03-31T08:06:28 INFO(0) ZODB Opening database for mounting:
2002-03-31T08:06:28 INFO(0) ZODB Mounted database
'28351072_1017561254.820000' at /temp_folder


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