Chris Withers wrote:

>"Charles Y. Choi" wrote:
>>With ZMI, you can create different methods/objects and then edit them.
>>The problem is that pretty much every other editor out there doesn't
>>know a whit about the types of objects/methods they are creating.
>>Does emacs really know the difference between a python method,
>>dtml-method, dtml-document, and a page template?  Not likely.
>*grinz* You never heard of a PUT_factory? You can (and I do) do this in Zope 2
>Think about it, how does Windoze know the difference between a Photoshop file
>and a Windows Bitmap?
>Zope 2 is even clever than this, I have logic that says if the first character
>in a thing is a # then create a PythonScript from it...
>As for EMACS, it certainly knows about python (M-x python-mode), and there's
>HTML mode for page templates. If you wanna use DTML, you deserve to burn in hell
>anyway, so you ain't gonna need an editor ;-)

Yes, and though your PUT_factory override is a great thing, it's an 
unsupported patch: that is,
it's not part of the standard packaging of Zope.  The conventions you 
use (# for PythonScripts)
are not clearly documented.  And as much as I'd love to to chuck DTML, 
 ZPT is still buggy
in 2.5.0 - (try creating a page template for the view method of a ZClass).

As far as emacs goes, it uses file extensions to automatically determine 
what mode to be in.

Brain hurts, must sleep ...


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