(FYI - I'm changing subject lines to separate the many 
 threads that are going on now...)

> just to give some feedback and ask for guidance with the further
> process. My college, Nils Kassube, has implemented the proposed
> features, regarding an enhanced MailHost, namely the usage of
> timeoutsocket in the SMTP-module and the archiving of outgoing mails.
> We also asked the programmer of timeoutsocket for permission, although
> the module has a BSD-license. He has no problem with the incorporation
> of the module into the Zope2 code base.
> Our current plan is to upload a patch to the collector, so other
> people, specifically people with a server setup under windows can test
> this and to send a note to Zope-Dev seeking for feedback. I have
> checkin privileges and also signed the the necessary papers, so later
> I can integrate the patch into the code base. 

Ok. I'd like to run the mbox thing by Jim to see if he has any 
reservations about that (writing to the FS, potential effect on 
security, etc.) I also need to talk to the License Gods to see 
if we need anything beyond a verbal OK from the timeoutsocket 

> Would it be enough to put a documentation in the proposal wiki 
> and is the proposal sufficient? Should we take other actions?

We need to get the relevent "official" documentation updated 
(help system pages and anything in the Zope book that deals 
with MailHost up-to-date). Chris McDonough is nominally in 
charge of making sure doc updates are taken care of 
([EMAIL PROTECTED]). You can send doc updates (or pointers to 
them) to him.

> We would like to have this incorporated. Please take this mail as a
> commitment notification :-).

Thanks. I've updated the plan. Hopefully I can run the 
mbox stuff by the Zope Pope tomorrow and get back to you 

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