Hello Brian. 

* Brian Lloyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2002-04-17 20:29]:
> Ok. I'd like to run the mbox thing by Jim to see if he has any 

The product now uses a Maildir-style approach to deal with
concurrent writes. The creation of the file name uses 
time(), gethostname() and randint() to hopefully create 
enough "uniqueness" in the names. 

> reservations about that (writing to the FS, potential effect on 
> security, etc.) 

The flooding problem still is not solved. For production sites
it's probably a good idea to turn off the backup to prevent DOS
attacks. But for debugging it's a valuable tool. 

> with MailHost up-to-date). Chris McDonough is nominally in 
> charge of making sure doc updates are taken care of 
> ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). You can send doc updates (or pointers to 
> them) to him.

Okay, I'll write it if the okay from the BDFL is here ;-)

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