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> > it is hard to read (Some of us design Zope
> > sites TTW...)
> Un-learn that habit too. It's so nice having things like search & replace
and syntax
> highlighting afterall...

Now, this is an interesting statement and one I have heard often, and that I
throughly disagree on.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the TTW part is what is one of the
strenghts of Zope - I'd say that the fact that Zope uses TTW editing has had
a major impact on the kind of templating mechanism and infrastructure that
Zope, as opposed to much of the competition, offers out of the box.

I myself choose over iPlanet and Oracle Application Server, because Zope had
a lot of infrastructure IN PLACE that is needed for development, as opposed
to say, Oracle Application Server, where I had to write everything from
scratch, including lots of the admin interfaces.

As an example, the only real competitior that Zope had at the time I was
loking for web-app frameworks was Roxen Challanger, where Roxen gives away
the Roxen Webserver as GPL, but sells their TTW development environment for
about 5000 US$/developer. So, TTW has it's merits. Now, Roxen has FILESYSTEM
based development as well, which might be what we all want as well, but *not
instead*. Just because ChrisW has gone beyond TTW editing, does not make it
a Bad Thing(tm) in general :)

Going back to the "ZPT is good/bad" and "DTML is ok/evil" discussion,
something hit me a couple of weeks ago while chatting on #zope:

It seems that ZPT is mostly aimed at the Page Designer, whereas DTML is
mostly aimed at the Developer. Would this be a correct assesment of the


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