> >
> > Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the TTW part is what is one of the
> > strenghts of Zope -
> Well, no, not really. Being able to edit stuff remotely is where Zope's
real strength
> lies. WebDAV and FTP are much better than using sucky HTTP forms to do
this ;-)

Babies..... bathwater.....

> > Just because ChrisW has gone beyond TTW editing, does not make it
> > a Bad Thing(tm) in general :)
> I challenge you to justify how editing in a text box is better than using
a full text
> editor, given that both can be used remotely ;-)

Hmm... now if I can only find an editor that is worth me spending my
valuable time trying to make it do what I want, instead of what it wants for
my code.... Or there are those nice little text boxes... they don't assume
they know better than me...

> > It seems that ZPT is mostly aimed at the Page Designer, whereas DTML is
> > mostly aimed at the Developer. Would this be a correct assesment of the
> > situation?
> DTML didn't have a clue who it was aimed at, which was it's main problem

Hmm... strange then that I have used (as have many others) it to produce
some very complex (And some think atractive and even elegant) sites. I had
always assumed it was aimed at people who wanted to design websites with
some server side inteligence - Seems a logical assumption, after all that is
what it allows.

> *grinz*
> Chris

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