>>>>> "SHH" == Stefan H Holek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  SHH> * ZEO 1.0 ClientStorage does not work and I have no clue why it
  SHH> would not find trigger.py anymore. Do I *need* ZEO 2.0a1 for 2.6.0a1?
  SHH> There is nothing in the release notes.

ZEO 2.0 and Zope 2.6 are independent releases.  You can use Zope 2.6
with ZEO 1.0, and you can use ZEO 2.0 with Zope 2.5.  

The CVS trunk currently has ZEO 2.0.  This change was made a couple
weeks ago, independently of the Zope 2.6 release cycle.  It may be
that you interpreted that change on the ZEO trunk as an indicator that
you must use it.

I am able to run ZEO 1.0 on Zope 2.6.  Does the ZEO test suite pass
for you?  That's spelled:

    python utilities/testrunner.py -d lib/python/ZEO

assuming that you installed ZEO in the lib/python directory.  If they
don't pass, can you send me the failures.  Most of the ZEO tests run
correctly, but I see a few failures caused by a change to the test
framework in Zope 2.6.  Here's an example:

ERROR: checkUndoCommitVersion (testZEO.ZEOFileStorageTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 113, in checkUndoCommitVersion
    revid = self._dostore(oid, revid, description='packable%d' % i)
TypeError: _dostore() got an unexpected keyword argument 'description'

I'll fix these problems for a ZEO 1.0.1, but they don't indicate a
serious problem.

  SHH> Traceback (most recent call last):
  SHH>   File "/Zope-2.6.0a1/z2.py", line 832, in ?
  SHH>     asyncore.loop()
  SHH>   File
  SHH>   "/Zope-2.6.0a1/lib/python/ThreadedAsync/LoopCallback.py",
  SHH>   line 100,
  SHH> in loop
  SHH>     _start_loop(map)
  SHH>   File
  SHH>   "/Zope-2.6.0a1/lib/python/ThreadedAsync/LoopCallback.py",
  SHH>   line 70,
  SHH> in _start_loop
  SHH>     apply(cb, (map,) + args, kw or {})
  SHH>   File "/home/zeo6/lib/python/ZEO/ClientStorage.py", line 215,
  SHH>   in
  SHH> becomeAsync
  SHH>   File "/home/zeo6/lib/python/ZEO/ClientStorage.py", line 556,
  SHH>   in getWakeup
  SHH> ImportError: No module named trigger

If you check the ZEO 1.0 tarball, you'll find a trigger module in it.
Perhaps something was corrupted in your installation.

  SHH> * New Startup:
  SHH> Will the new startup stuff also be available for ther ZEO
  SHH> server's start.py? Until 2.5.1 I was able to run ZEO server &
  SHH> client in-place (from the same directory). This is harder with
  SHH> 2.6.0. I needed some file permission trickery (which defeats
  SHH> many of the benefits of the new startup) to make it work.

I don't quite follow.  Can you explain exactly what went wrong when
you tried to run the server and client from the same directory?  I
assume this is a problem with ZEO 2.0.  What do you mean by "the new
startup stuff"?


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