Casey Duncan wrote:
> My guess would be that it would get an OSError possible IndexError,

Sounds about right.

> but I'm 
> not sure the logic in just setting the mtime to null and continuing.

Right -- this is the part I don't understand.

I would prefer os.path.getmtime(self.filename) (or whatever) raised the 
error, so that I know something isn't set up correctly.

Otherwise, with the current behaviour, I just get the page template 
rendering as empty, which is very confusing.

If there is a good reason for the current behaviour, then I want to make 
the except: clause log a warning.

Does anyone own the PageTemplate product at the moment?

Oh, and any idea why messages aren't reaching the zope-dev mailing list?

According to this page, none of the recent messages have arrived yet.

Steve Alexander

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