> ReadConflictError: database read conflict error (oid

The conflict error you have likely has nothing to do with your data
loss, it's a normal artifact of Zope operation.

> > The first thing I would recommend trying today is shutting down,
> > data.fs.index, and restarting. In recebnt versions data.fs.index
make very
> > heavy use of BTrees, and all released versions of the BTree code
have small
> > bugs.

Did you try this?

> hm, isn't there a policy on adding tests that expose the bugs to
the set
> of unittests ?

If you can replicate it, sure.

> If we (our company that is)can't resolve the problem, we'll have
> reconsider our strategy on data storage and perhaps even drop the
use of
> the ZODB for anything but scripts and static content. all managed
> content types then have to stored in something more robust like
> relational database, and we all know how well object trees fit
> relational databases. :(

Yep.  Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are sometimes more powerful than
logic. ;-)

- C

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