The kernel is  2.4.7-10.
Zope 2.5 on Red Hat 7.2
python 2.1.3

Here is what I think the problem is:
Some object or code was introduced on Tuesday morning. 
The users are beginners so they could have introduced a never ending loop or something 
of that sort. I turned on profiling to see if thre was anything in particular 
consuming a lot of time. A the top of the list was 

Is there a way catch that non terminating loop? This non-terminating loop is just a 
theory I have. I could be completely wrong. Are there other things I could look at for 

>>> Toby Dickenson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 09/05/02 06:46 AM >>>
On Thursday 05 Sep 2002 2:58 am, Ahsan Imam wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am currently running zope 2.5 and python 2.1.3. 

Are you actually seeing the zope processes use too much memory?

2.5.x have a ZODB cache mechanism that does not respond well to memory 
pressure. If your application touches many objects per transaction then 
memory usage may grow out of control. 2.6 improves this significantly.

> The machine has 2 gigs of
> rams and is running on Red Hat 7.2.

Which kernel?

> After starting zope eveything works fine for a while. Slowly the swap
> starts to swell up

Memory that is not being actively used might as well be moved into swap, 
freeing the ram for more productive uses. This does not necessarily indicate 
a problem.

> and after a few hours the machine has to be rebooted.
> The funny thing is that free shows that there is almost a gig of RAM free
> and swap keeps on growing. 

Are you sure you are interpreting the output from 'free' correctly? It is 
often misinterpreted. (please post the output from 'free -m' if you are not 

> After a while the machine simply hangs.

> I have recompiled python and zope. Turned on profiling.
> I have looked through the stupid.log. There are no core dumps either. I
> have also tried running zope with one thread.
> Does anyone have suggestions.

you havent explained why you think this is a zope problem.

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