This is a good idea, and would solve the problem as stated.

Unfortunately, it conflicts with my other (heretofore unstated)
requirement that

"all URLs shown in the browser should be bookmarkable
at all times."

Once a user bookmarks foo?I_am_an_application_controlled_redirect=1
and comes back to it, it is no longer telling the truth ;-)


Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
> Craeg K Strong wrote:
>> However, I would like to distinguish between two cases:
>> a) Direct Navigation:   e.g.I am a user and I just typed in
>> http://acme.com/myapp/contracts/TRW-001/taskorders/TO-01/invoices/DSDC-001-9301 
>> into my browser
>> b) Application-Controlled:   e.g. I am the application, I did some 
>> processing
>> based on a button the user pressed in some form somewhere and determined
>> that the next URL should be
>> http://acme.com/myapp/contracts/TRW-001/taskorders/TO-01/invoices/DSDC-001-9301 
>> ====Now here is the issue====
>> In both cases above, the REQUEST object looks identical.   Is there 
>> any way
>> that I can distinguish a GET that is the result of a REDIRECT from one 
>> that
>> is not?
>> I would think this would be of interest to others.  For example, if I 
>> move my
>> web page and put a redirect from the old address, I could track how many
>> people came to my web page directly versus those that are still using the
>> old address and are getting redirected.
> raise 'Redirect', newURL+'?I_am_an_application_controlled_redirect=1'
> HTH,
> oliver

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