Jeff Rush wrote:
I don't quite understand -- so there *are* root
level elements specific to Zope that need to
be copied into a Zope-over-ZEO environment?
(hm, how do those elements get into a
non-FileStorage Zope-over-ZEO environment?)

And do those elements interfere even a little in
a non-Zope-just-ZEO environment?  The only way I
can imagine, other than simplistic name clashes
would be if a full iteration of such a ZODB would
cause unghosting of objects lacking Zope .pyc
and raise unnecessary exceptions.

I ask because I'm trying to decide whether two
ZEO RPMs are needed re ZEO-wo-Zope-2.0-1.i386.rpm
and ZEO-w-Zope-2.0-1.i386.rpm, or just one.
Somewhat similar to how the Zope RPMs have
separate ZServer and PCGI flavor packages. contains nothing but the examples folder, if I remember correctly. Zope has no trouble starting without Just ignore it. ;-)

Can we discuss the package separation, BTW? It doesn't currently feel optimal. There really shouldn't be a ZServer package, since ZServer is bound tightly with Zope2. I would want to see the following packages:


The both the Zope2 and ZEO2 packages should depend on the ZODB3 package and the system python package (which must be Python 2.1.x, not Python 2.2.x). The Zope2-pcgi package should depend on the Zope2 package.

Some suggested add-ons:



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