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erm... would "advanced DTML" not be the short sentence:
"avoid DTML where you can"? ;)
That'd be ok, except that DTML can of course do things that ZPT can't,
yada yada yada.
These are exactly the things you shouldn't neither do in DTML
nor in ZPT :-)

I'd start the lessons with ZPT to only show static content
and may be macros.
Then the logical order would be introduction to python
scripts without HTML output - only show how they are
used to calculate and output simple values, lists,
dictionaries and so on.
Next chapter should show how one uses the scripts with
ZPT to provide output into HTML.
Then the usual things like Catalog, ZSQL, important
API parts, etc.

Don't you think this would be clearer for the beginner?


Btw. did you think of putting the whole DTML stuff at the end for
reference only to help migrating old products and turn the
whole thing a bit around so beginners get a clear path of
Zope development? I found it a bit confusing when I edited
the german translation of the 2.3 book a year ago.
That's probably a good idea.  But I think the rewritten chapters explain
when to use ZPT and when to use DTML.  And DTML still needs to be given
some attention for the reason I say above...

- C

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