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On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 19:13, Tino Wildenhain wrote:
These are exactly the things you shouldn't neither do in DTML
nor in ZPT :-)
What do you suggest people use for a templating language for email,
JavaScript, SQL, etc?  I think it's too much to expect them to use
Python to do this (esp. wrt SQL methods).
Oh, is it? I'd rather like to write %(name)s %(value)d
then <dtml-whatever value>
Recently I read the python-dbi spec and its very nice to see
what you could do with the above form. There are even
standard ways to do multiple querys or function calls.
(Hope I can contribute a product for this as time permits)

For E-Mail and Javascript templates I also find it less confusing
if I can use %(var)s form.

As a general solution for texts one can use "file" which has an edit
tab for several releases of zope now. Then use it like this:

context.thefile.read() % context.REQUEST.form

or whatever seems appropriate to get values from.

E-Mail even gets clearer with the solution since you can easyly
loop and do whatever instead of multiple <dtml-sendmail> tags.


I'd start the lessons with ZPT to only show static content
and may be macros.
Then the logical order would be introduction to python
scripts without HTML output - only show how they are
used to calculate and output simple values, lists,
dictionaries and so on.
Next chapter should show how one uses the scripts with
ZPT to provide output into HTML.
Then the usual things like Catalog, ZSQL, important
API parts, etc.

Don't you think this would be clearer for the beginner?
Sure.  I'd love to rewrite the entirety of the Zope Book.  But please
notice that I'm asking for help finishing the existing chapters, so I
don't think this is a realistic goal.

- C

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