Having only ever used Zope-behind-PCGI myself, if we drop it, what would be the prevailing approach for running Zope behind Apache? Has everyone switched to FastCGI (or Quixote's SCGI) but me?

Be aware that there are Zope-specific patches (some of which I provided) in the version of PCGI that Zope ships with, so you can't refer everyone to the non-Zope version of PCGI available elsewhere on the web. The patches relate to error handling and meaningful reporting, not core functionality.


Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote at 2003-2-13 11:30 -0500:
 > I'm wondering how PCGI should be supported in Zope moving forward.
Do we still need it?

I would prefer to drop it (to reduce complexity).

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