Jeff Rush wrote:
I had thought (obviously incorrectly) that mod_proxy was hard to configure correctly to pass all headers, particularly in complex virtual hosting scenarios.
No, that's when it's easy. :)
The onlyhard part is getting the original IP adress into the logs, and most people simply ignore this and use Apaches logs instead.

> It also exposed the port 8000-based
Zope to direct access, which some admin's might not want.
Not necessarily. Often you set up 8000-ports to only be accessible on an internal IP-adress. Besides, it's usually a good idea to be able to go directly when Apache gets weird. :)

But mostly I thought PCGI (and FastCGI) was the preferred way, since it is covered in detail in Zope's doc/WEBSERVER.TXT and neither mod_proxy nor mod_redirect are mentioned in there. ;-)
Well, that's just Zopes normal standard of documentation, aint it. :)

I happily submit my Zope+Apache how-to for scrutiny by experts to be included (and hopefully even expanded) in the docs instead of the CGI docs if PCGI is removed from the standard distribution. :)

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