Andre Schubert schrieb:
Hi all,

i have a little Security-Problem which results in the following Error
reported by Shane Hathaway's nice VerboseSecurity:

Error Type: Unauthorized
Error Value: The owner of the executing script does not have the required permission. Access to 'foobar' of (Folder instance at 932b600) denied. Access requires View_Permission, granted to the following roles: ['MSAdmin', 'Manager']. The executing script is (DTMLMethod instance at 8c8a508), owned by foo, who has the roles ['Authenticated', 'Owner'].

I try to explain what happens.
Lets say i have a user called foo who has Manager-Roles across a Zope-site.
foo has added 2 DTMLMethods to a folder called bar and foobar.
foobar is called from inside bar (<dtml-call foobar>).
He also created a Role MSAdmin.
bar is accessible and visible by Anonymous Users.
foobar is accessible and visible by MSAdmin and Manager.
If i view bar and login as a user with MSAdmin-Roles everything works fine.
But if i remove the Manager-Role from foo who has created the two DTMLMethods i get the above error.

I have the same problem with a really big Zope-Site where i have the remove Manager-Roles
from a specific user. The only solution i have found is to recreate the DTMLMethods, but
it is very hard to reacreate all DTMLMethods created by foo.

I hope somebody has another hint for me. :)
Non-authoritative answer:

As far as I know the problem is ownership. If you want to access objects whose owner is gone you get into trouble.

So there are probably two solutions:

a) DO NOT delete the owner
b) Let somebody else take over the ownership


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