Steve Alexander wrote:
Shane Hathaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Do you not want foo to have the Manager role?

Andre Schubert wrote:

No, because he is no longer in our company.

Shane Hathaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I think you're asking for a "find + chown" utility, right? I don't know of one, but it sure would be nice to have. :-)

Andre Schubert wrote:

It would be very nice to have such a tool :)

BTW: Thanks for the quick answers, you help me to understand the problem.
     I take the ownership of all objects where foo was the owner
     and the problems should go away :)


Don't treat this so lightly! When you take ownership of objects where foo is the owner, you are telling Zope that you take responsibility for those objects.

For example, let's say foo had written a python script for removing all of her files older than one day.

Here's some pseudocode:

For all files older than one day:
remove the file
except PermissionError:

This will work, provided foo has rights to delete only foo's files.
If you take ownership of such a script, and you run it, then it will very different effects.

Also, if you are a Manager (or in another privaleged role), and you take ownership of such a script, you may be allowing others to delete their own files when they run that script, whereas before nothing much would have happened.
To clarify, those users still need to have the privilege of deleting those files. Executable ownership only reduces privileges.

In 99% of cases, none of this will be a problem. However, you should take care when taking ownership of objects, especially objects that represent code such as python scripts and dtml methods and page templates.
I feel like Zope doesn't present the concept of executable ownership properly to the user. I've run into this issue myself--the lifetime of executables frequently extends beyond the life of the associated username. You never know when deleting a user or removing user roles will break code throughout the site. Like Andre, all I wanted to do was restore the privileges the code had before.

So for Zope 3 I've pondered some way of separating executables from usernames, while retaining the properties we have today. It seems like executables should rely on a different service for determining executable privileges than the user database.


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