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Does this mean that Zope 2.7 will require ZODB 3.2 for ZEO users?

Zope 2.7 will *come with* ZODB 3.2 (or later, depending on the timing of the Zope 2.7 release), so I suppose so.
As an aside, am I the only one who's confused by this new bundling
of ZEO as part of the stand alone ZODB product?

I don't know. What's confusing for you? The new approach is that:

Zope includes ZODB includes ZODB

What's confusing about that?

Zope doesn't (currently) include ZEO so to get an up to date ZEO we now have to obtain
the correct version of the stand-alone ZODB and extract the contained ZEO. The version
numbers of the ZEO and stand-alone ZODB are unrelated so figuring out which ZODB we
need to get ZEO is a bit of a pain. Also, ZEO is packaged differently in the stand alone
ZODB than it used to be in on it's own.

Dan Pierson

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