On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 22:13, Edward Muller wrote:
> Hopefully I'll get to play with this later on in the week..
> But here are the things I know I need as part of my business:
> -The ability to specify which python to use to build, install and run
> zope with. Our production machines have various version 1.5.2, 2.1.X,
> 2.2.X, etc installed. I must be able to specify the location.


./configure --with-python=/path/to/your/python

> -The ability for each instance to have separate Product directories.
> Some users want plone, some don't. Some develop their own software.

This is inherent in INSTANCE_HOME behavior.  The result of
"mkzopeinstance" will contain a Products directory which may contain
Zope software.  Many instances can be configured to run from a single
software home (a software home is the result of "make install")

> -The ability to start/stop zope without access to /proc (or the
> equivalent on other unices) on Linux.


> I don't know if the changes made affect any of the above ... but it
> would suck major #$W%% if it did. Oh, and part of my business if hosting
> zope ... if you are wondering where the above (off the top of my head
> list) comes from. Other than that it looks like the changes will be good
> for me.
> Oh and some way to have multiple zope versions installed at the same
> time would be great as well. :-)


In a Zope 2.7.0 source directory:

./configure --prefix=/opt/zope-2.7.0
make install

In a Zope 2.7.1 source directory:

./configure --prefix=/opt/zope-2.7.1
make install

... then 'mkzopeinstance' from either.

- C

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