We've run into a problem where we get messages like this in our Zope logs:

2003-05-23T18:56:08 PROBLEM(100) ZServer Server accept() threw an exception

we occasionally get a lot of these and then restart Zope on the ZEO Client and everything is okay. After a little more investigation we found that these occur when we run out of File Descriptors. So, why are we running out of file descriptors???

Tracked it down to this: each time a WebDAV client connects to zope cluster a temporary file is created. lsof shows the following:

python 19005 httpd 1016u REG 0,9 227 15857725 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1017u REG 0,9 227 15857727 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1018u REG 0,9 227 15857732 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1019u REG 0,9 227 15857738 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1020u REG 0,9 227 15857740 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1021u REG 0,9 227 15857743 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1022u REG 0,9 227 15857745 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)
python 19005 httpd 1023u REG 0,9 227 15857886 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (deleted)

they are all roughly the same size. There seems to be a file descriptor leak. Is this a known problem? We are running Zope 2.5.1 right now.

Any ideas?


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