Sidnei da Silva wrote:
On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 09:28:16PM +0200, Andreas Jung wrote:
| I checked the corresponding code and the temporary files should be closed
| automatically when the upload was successful (the __del__() method of the | TemporaryFile
| class closes the file). The leak might come from unfinished uploads. In | this case the
| iTemporaryFile instance is not destroyed.

I remember that Shane fixed a leak related to File uploads a few
months ago. Dunno if it was related to file descriptors, but AFAIR, it
was fixed just on HEAD. Correct me if Im wrong.

It was directly related to file descriptors, and I fixed it both on the head and the branch, although it wasn't specific to WebDAV. Brian, please try the latest Zope-2_6-branch. It includes the following easy-to-backport changes:


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