Paul Winkler wrote:
To anyone not following the "Problem committing zope 'version' objects"
thread on [EMAIL PROTECTED]: It's been proposed that Versions should be
at least stamped in the ZMI with big warnings, or possibly disabled
altogether. Numerous users have been bit by the fact that versions
basically do not work as advertised, leading in various cases to zodb corruption or work that can't be saved. There are other security issues
that Oliver Bleutgen raised privately which I won't state here.

Comments?  Could we get at least some warnings in the ZMI before
2.6.2 final?

As I see it, you either have to disable the versioning functionality completely, or live with it. Raising a warning when people for instance add a Version object just gives the impression that you are safe if you don't use the Version product, which is wrong.

If the version functionality would be disabled by default and could be enabled by a startup parameter without impacting performance, then this would be the way to go IMHO.


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