Chris McDonough wrote:
On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 10:14, Chris McDonough wrote:

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 02:57, PieterB wrote:
How do those files compare to the buildscript:

The NZO make-driven buildout is an early revision of what we use. There is no publically available later revision, but it hasn't changed all that much.

Scratch that!  I hadn't looked at it in a while.  This looks nothing
whatsoever like what our Makefile-driven buildout for NZO used to look
like.  I guess Sidnei didn't like it and changed it to a shell-driven

I don't blame him. Makefiles are very obtuse--especially if you try to make them modular and reusable!

FWIW, I've put together a tool for managing rollouts of many software packages at once and I'm using it quite successfully for a customer project. I'd really like to either:

- Release it as open source so others can use it and help maintain it.

- Replace it with something with at least the same simple UI with its functionality, maintainability, and freedom.

I prefer the second option, but I've had trouble finding anything that does the right things with a simple command-line UI. RedHat's RPM doesn't do enough. Debian's "apt" has a nasty UI and is tied too closely with Debian. Mandrake's "urpmi", equivalent to "apt", is tied too closely with Mandrake. There are various commercial tools, but I despise the possibility of legal issues.

Just last night, though, I noticed that Gentoo is making a Mac OS X port. Not a PowerPC port, mind you, but a port to a different OS. That means Gentoo, like Debian, is not tied directly with Linux. And Gentoo's build system is written in Python, AFAIK. Has anyone tried extracting Gentoo's build system and using it for partial software distributions? That might be the way to go.


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