Hi Folks,

  I'm having a little issue with selection-type values in ZClass property 
sheets (I'm using Zope 2.7 but have the same issue under 2.6)

  What I'm trying to achieve is this:

  All the documentation I've read says that the 'selection' type for a 
property of a ZClass property sheet can be a variable *or a method*. Fine. 
This works as advertised, except where the method is a method *defined 
within the Zclass* (e.g. as MyZClass.propertysheets.methods.myMethod ). Is 
this a known bug? A feature? Do I need some arcane Zope Zen syntax to unlock 
this behaviour?

  N.B. If the method resides *outside* the ZClass (e.g. as a python script 
in the root folder) all things works just fine.

  The only 'diagnostic' I get is on the property sheet containing the 
selection type property: it displays e.g. 'No value for myMethod' instead of 
the expected drop-down box.

  Any help most appreciated.



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