Tres Seaver wrote:
> The empty E-tag exists to support *very* broken clients (MSOffice over
> WebFolders);  it should be removed, perhaps with a knob which allows
> re-enabling it for the sites that actually have people editing content
> using those clients.

Yeah it should be removed, but I'd say don't provide any way to add it
back (apart from maybe some textual instructions in the doc directory
or something).  The thing that continues to baffle me is why people add
braindamage like this to Zope at all.  Its not the correct place to
add dumb workarounds for dumber clients, the correct place is to use
an external program that wraps the clean conversation and inserts this
junk on the fly.  I bet you could do it with apache's mod_headers for
example.  Same story for that MS-Author-Via junk.  Poluting Zope's
source code isn't the right answer.

Jamie Heilman           
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