Jamie Heilman wrote:
Tres Seaver wrote:

The empty E-tag exists to support *very* broken clients (MSOffice over
WebFolders);  it should be removed, perhaps with a knob which allows
re-enabling it for the sites that actually have people editing content
using those clients.

Yeah it should be removed, but I'd say don't provide any way to add it
back (apart from maybe some textual instructions in the doc directory
or something).  The thing that continues to baffle me is why people add
braindamage like this to Zope at all.

Some controversial checkins have not been discussed beforehand. I watch the checkins, and I see things that I don't like, but I don't pipe up unless I consider the checkin dangerous. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt.

In the case of empty Etags, I think that sending an empty header has been shown to be the wrong choice. I suggest it should be removed from the head and the 2_7 branch.

For future reference to any committers: if you modify any HTTP headers sent by Zope, you very likely ought to discuss it before checking it in.


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