Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:


Packages3/Interface in CVS

If you put this ahead of the Zope 2 Interface package in
your Python path, then you can use Zope 3 interfaces with Zope 2.

That's great news!

Is it the intention that this will be the default Interface package
in Zope 2.8 then,

Or 2.9.

> or is there a reason to keep on supporting the old
interface package?

It's a matter of time. We may not have time to replace the interface package for 2.8.

Then again, I'm sure we could find volunteers to help with that.


P.S.  It sure would be great to get 2.7 out. :)
      If anyone can help with that (who isn't already helping,
      of course), please get with Brian Lloyd.

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