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Jim Fulton wrote:
I tested CMF with Zope HEAD.
1.) "from ZODB import Persistent, PersistentMapping" doesn't work anymore
2.) assignment to class dictionaries doesn't work anymore

These two are now fixed in CMF HEAD. So whoever wants to have a look at the other issues: Tests and Zope are running again with CMF installed.

3.) 'rebinding by assignment' doesn't work anymore
This is consistent with standard Python behavior:
So I'm inclined to consider the new behavior correct.

Correct or not: This is a backwards compatibility issue.

I also found this one:
unbound method db_name() must be called with ApplicationManager instance as first argument (got nothing instead)

You already didn't switch to the new mro to make migration easier. If it is possible to give newstyle ExtensionClasses the old rebinding behavior I'd vote for that.

If not, people need some advice how to update their products:
- How do I find code depending on the old behavior?
- How do I fix that code? (I know I can copy 'n' paste the code I want to reuse from other classes, but is there a better way to reuse code without subclassing?)

4.) some objects publishable in Zope 2.7 aren't publishable anymore

Can you give any specifics?

Zope Core: http://localhost:8080/temp_folder http://localhost:8080/Control_Panel/DavLocks


No big deal to add docstrings, but what's the policy change?

For better or worse, it has always been policy not to publish objects
without non-empty doc strings.

That's what I thought. But it seems like Zope 2.7 doesn't catch them all.

Cheers, Yuppie

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